Why Us

Of the many options available to your Hospital in the establishment of a uniformed Patient Financial Support Program, AHA has an excellent background and experience in the area of patient uncompensated care, third party recovery and physicians billing. Since 1992, AHA has provided our unique Medical Management Program to the Healthcare Industry. The following points are but a few of the reasons why your Hospital would be interested in AHA's services.

- Our management team has a combined total of over twenty five (25) years of experience in the area of Patient Uncompensated Care.

- A lower fee structure than any competitor.

- Excellent ties with the Department of Social Services (DPSS). Through DPSS, AHA has the resources needed to expedite approvals.

- AHA offers an information base from which your Hospital can call on for any questions regarding Patient Uncompensated Care. At your option, we will provide training workshops on Medi-Cal, Victim of Crime, SSI and Third Party Recovery.

- Excellent relationship with the Social Security Administration. Once our Authorized Representative Form is signed by the patient, we can file an SSI or SSD application, investigate the status of previously filed Social Security application including Medicare or obtain a denial letter from SSA stating the patient has no Medicare Part A coverage. Medicaid denies millions of reimbursement dollars because they erroneously assert the patient has Part A coverage. AHA has the capabilities of reversing many of these denials.